Brick Series

Brick pattern can be laid out horizontally or vertically with straight joints, or in a traditional offset brick joint. It’s like subway tile in miniature and looks great in both kitchen and bathroom backsplashes.

Handmade Mosaics

Inkjet Printing

Chips are 31X98mm, sheet 264x300mm, 6mm thickness Suitable for residential wet / dry interior walls and f loors.







Edge Trimming Tool



Edge Trimming Guide

When you have tiled up close to the wall or another boundary, lay a full mosaic sheet into position and mark it for trimming.

If you do need to cut tiles in the mosaic sheet, score the mosaics with a glass knife.Be sure the tiles are still attached to the backing.

After you have scored the mosaics, cut them each individually with a pair of glass clamp.

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