Brief Introduction of production process


1.Collecting Waste Glass

Recycled glass is collected from multiple channels in manufacturing, construction and post consumer segments. Viewgres continues to promote responsible, sustainable design alternatives.


2.Glass Test

The cleaning, sorting and preparation process is critical to achieving consistent high quality tiles.


3.Grinding into Powder

Viewgres employs two grinding lines, which provide 20 tons of raw material, equating to 1000/SQM daily mosaic capacity.



Pigment is blended to the processed glass powder adding coloration and increasing bonding strength.



Three high-density presses are each capable of producing any of the various chip sizes offered. This enhances our ability to adapt to customer requirements.



Inkjet printing allows for unlimited creative expression. Viewgres offers low MOQ to support inspiration in design.



Viewgres’ kiln was built in 2014 utilizing the latest technology. At 62 meters long, it is the largest of its type in the Foshan area efficiently producing 1000SQM/day.

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